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Give your students the advantage they need

to thrive in today's competitive world

Ready to give your students

if you're tired of watching your students...

Being ruled by emotions and sabotaging thoughts.

Feeling like nothing ever goes their way no matter how hard they try.

Battle with frustration, anxiety, and anger that threatens their success and relationships.

Overwhelmed with stressed and anxiety at school and at home with no end in sight.

Worrying they'll never measure up to the expectations placed on them.

Struggling desperately to get the advantage they need to succeed.

We want to help!

I feel like I'm back in control of my emotions—and my life!

Kyle R.

We're BrightLife, and for today's young people, we're the missing piece to life success.

And we're talking real Success. In school. In career. In relationships. In life.

Here's the problem:


While the world is busy teaching our young people how to achieve, accomplish, and acquire in the world around them, nobody is teaching them how to manage and control their internal worlds of thoughts, feelings, and emotions—directly.

And with pressures on them that are more intense, more demanding, and more overwhelming than in any time in history, the result can be catastrophic: 

Lagging grades. Unnecessary struggle. Depression. Anxiety. Bullying. Overwhelm. Addiction. Even suicide.


BrightLife's Total Self Mastery Course is out to change all that.

Blending ancient techniques from yoga and mindfulness together with cutting-edge strategies from modern neuroscience, BrightLife will teach your students to harmonize their bodies, minds, and spirits and literally transform the way they experience the world.

Step-by-step we'll take them on a proven path to the insights, skills, and mental habits they need to stay in control and live the happy and remarkable life they were put here to live.

A series of mindfulness-based brain-repatterning exercises proven to neutralize the top habits in the brain that drive controlling emotions. 


A trauma-informed yoga sequence customized to soothe agitated nerves, emotions, and thoughts to lift moods and increase energy.


​An ancient guided meditation to reconnect your child with the ever-peaceful, always joyous part of them that lives beneath the dramas of life.




Achievement in school

Success in career

Happiness in life


BrightLife SuperTeen delivers a wide range of developmental benefits critical to the health, happiness, and success of teens and young adults.

 - Enhanced self-awareness & introspection

 - Increased emotional resilience

 - Improved mental focus

 - Enhanced management of stressors

     - Diminished reactivity

     - Reduced experiential avoidance

     - Stimulated parasympathetic response

     - Developed habits of self-care

and so much more.

BrightLife opened me up to a whole new way of living!

Chris P.




Structured Lesson Plans

Structured Lesson Plans


Weekly Video Lessons 


​Daily Mind-Body Exercises

Detailed lesson plans help you guide your students through the SUPERTEEN process with targeted learning objectives, detailed class timelines, key concept guides, discussion questions, and more.

The core of the SUPERTEEN curriculum is delivered via a series of engaging video presentations. Each lesson introduces a new aspect of self-mastery together with the week's mind-body exercises.

SUPERTEEN's daily exercises are where the real magic happens. A customized yoga posture sequence is combined with custom brain-training drills to neutralize the top five poisonous brain patterns that sabotage success.​

  • Special yoga-based mind-body relaxation exercises to rejuvenate the maturing nervous system.

  • Online video posture library to help master the BrightLife exercises.

  • The transformational BrightLife Brain-Training Journal for each of your students.

BrightLife is suitable for everyone regardless of physical fitness level. No yoga experience is required.


My son is a TOTALLY different person. I feel like he's finally becoming the man he's born to be.

Tamaran J.



Eric Walrabenstein is a best-selling author and mind-body wellness expert, and for over 25 years, he's been helping people get the SuperHuman Advantage.


Over three decades ago, Eric discovered the secrets to combining the ancient wisdom of yoga and Eastern mind-body wisdom with modern neuroscience to forge lives of remarkable clarity, joy, and success.

Since then, he's made it his life mission to help as many people as he can. It's why he created BrightLife.

So far, Eric has helped thousands around the globe with his programs, including over 5,000 of our troops and veterans he helped heal from the horrors of war using the BOOTSTRAP Stress Management System he built for the U.S. Military.

Eric's goal, and the goal of all of us here at BrightLife, is help so many more, and it would be our honor to help your child too.

Superhuman is a game changer. It should be required in every school

Joseph A.

School Psychologist


Each week of the SUPERTEEN Curriculum will give your students new skills and insights while literally repatterning critical neural pathways that lead to greater focus, control, and success.

Class #1: SuperTeen Tools and Techniques

WEEK'S OBJECTIVE – Introduction to SuperTeen and the Mind-Body-Spirit System of Self-Mastery and Success.

IN CLASS – We'll explore the critical role that Mental Fitness plays in our success at school, at home, and in every corner of life.

Your students will learn about BrightLife's unique system to help them gain more control over thoughts and emotions using yoga-based techniques combined with brain-training drills based on modern neuroscience. The event will conclude with an overview of the five poisonous brain patterns and how we'll conquer each in the coming weeks.

AT HOME – The daily BrightLife exercises will alternate between a calming and rejuvenating guided-relaxation session and a customized set of yoga-based investigations to designed to help your students learn how to calm emotions, elevate your moods, and gain ever greater control and clarity in every area of life.

Class #2: Elevating Moods and Energy

WEEK'S OBJECTIVE – Enhanced feelings of gratitude, optimism, and positivity
OVERVIEW – The nervous system’s innate tendency to prioritize negative experiences over positive experiences (a phenomenon called negativity bias) can lead to overwhelm, anxiety, and stress. This week’s instruction and brain-training drills are designed to neutralize this tendency.
IN CLASS – Your students will learn about the functioning and purpose of negativity bias in the brain, and will then discover how to put in place a structured brain-training regimen to cultivate gratitude, positivity, and optimism to support them in daily life.
AT HOME - This week's daily BrightLife exercises will help your students to train their nervous systems to seek out the gifts and blessings in daily life, effortlessly and automatically. They will alternate between the yoga-based brain-training exercises and a powerful guided-relaxation practice to rejuvenate body and mind.

Class #3: Increasing Patience, Acceptance, and Tolerance

WEEK'S OBJECTIVE – Improved Acceptance of Present-moment Experience
OVERVIEW – In the BrightLife program, we use the term psychological resistance to refer to the mental and emotional struggle against our present moment experience—a struggle which can be a source of a near-constant emotional turmoil. This week’s instruction and brain-training exercises are designed to increase feelings of happiness and well-being by creating greater acceptance of those things that cannot be changed.
IN CLASS – This week's focus will be dedicated to helping neutralize unhelpful reactions to life's challenges. We'll put in place a brain-training process to re-train the nervous systems to respond with calm and skill—even in the midst of life’s difficulties.
AT HOME – The daily BrightLife exercises will help to train the brain to respond to life's ups and downs with greater ease. Yoga-based brain-training exercises will be alternated with the guided-relaxation practice to calm nerves and soothe emotions. This week will arm your students with the tools and insights needed to feel more calm, more often.

Class #4: Mastering Emotions and Feelings

WEEK'S OBJECTIVE – Increasing Emotional Regulation and Response
OVERVIEW – The developing nervous system is often driven into a fragile state where even modest emotional experiences are reacted to in dramatic ways. This week’s instruction and brain-training exercises are designed to minimize emotional disturbances while creating greater capacity for them when they do arise.
IN CLASS – Week four is devoted to zeroing in on how to minimize and manage disturbing emotions. Your students will learn how to employ customized brain-training exercises to shift how the mind processes emotional experiences in order to foster greater balance and ease with impulses and emotions of all kinds.
AT HOME – The daily yoga-based brain-training exercises will help your students experience emotions and impulses in a new light. Focus will be placed on experiencing emotions as raw sensation to minimize their power. They'll gain skill in observing, feeling, and understanding emotions of all kinds. The brain-training exercises targeting emotional resilience will be alternated with the guided-relaxation sessions to soothe the overstressed nervous system.

Class #5: Minimizing Stress, Anxiety, and Overwhelm

WEEK'S OBJECTIVE – Reducing stress and anxiety by creating enhanced mastery over thoughts and attention.
OVERVIEW – Unmanaged attention can be a major source of stress and overwhelm that significantly hinders success in life. This week’s instruction and brain-training exercises will highlight the habit and consequences of poorly-managed attention and provide customized tools to develop greater mastery over all aspects of mind.
IN CLASS – The deliberate use of focused attention can radically change the trajectory of our lives. This week's brain-training regimen will begin to rein in the unruly mind and train the mind in a way that supports the achievement of goals and living in harmony with others.
AT HOME – The daily exercises will help your students create greater mastery over the minds to minimize stress and engender feelings of calm, clarity, and control. As with every week, they'll alternate between the formal yoga-based brain-training exercises and the guided-relaxation practice to calm the nerves and rejuvenate the body.

Class #6: Creating a SuperHuman Mindset

WEEK'S OBJECTIVE – Establish a Growth Mindset
OVERVIEW –The struggles associated with school and adolescence often leave people with a victimized perspective that views life's challenges in an unnecessarily harsh and negative light.

This week’s instruction and brain-training exercises are designed to help your students perceive the opportunities for growth that are inherent in daily difficulties and to arm them with the skills needed to utilize them to enhance well-being and happiness.
IN CLASS – Learning how to see the opportunities for growth in life's challenges is what week six is all about. This week's brain training will help your students to use life's ups and downs as opportunities for creating more calm and happiness in life.
AT HOME – This week's daily brain-training regimen will help uncover the opportunities for growth that usually go wasted and unused. The process engenders enhanced appreciation for day-to-day life and provides tools for transforming any moment into a positive experience. Daily yoga-based brain-training exercises will be performed on alternate days with the rejuvenating guided-relaxation practice.



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