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for Humans

Live happier, healthier, better

for focus

for clarity

for happiness

for success

for life

Helping you live your best and brightest life. That's what we're all about at BrightLife!

Our revolutionary personal development programs combine the ancient wisdom of yoga with cutting-edge strategies from modern neuroscience to help people live their best--even in the midst of the challenges of our modern world.

The truth is that we all have the potential to synthesize great confidence, energy, and happiness, despite what life might bring us. Unfortunately, in today's world, the skills we need to artfully navigate life's sometimes-turbulent waters just aren't taught.

That's where BrightLife comes in.

With programs designed to help everything from conquering craving and addiction to uncovering life's purpose, and from healing past traumas to finding calm and ease in a busy world, we stand ready to help the world live at is best and brightest.

Join us!



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