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All of our programs have one goal in mind: helping you to live happier, healthier, better. Select from the programs below.

BrightLife for Abundance and Prosperity

Have you ever asked yourself why some people prosper and thrive while others seem to be perpetually stuck, blocked, or worse? More importantly, have you ever felt there was some invisible force holding you back from financial freedom? If so, Unlock Your Abundance is for you. This revolutionary process will help you remove the obstacles that stand in the way of your best life, and will ready you to claim the prosperity that you deserve in every corner of your life.

BrightLife for Craving & Addiction

Taking back your power from craving and addiction doesn't have to be so hard—at least, not if you have the right tools. BRIGHTLIFE is a first-of-its-kind program that will arm you with everything you need to bring cravings and addiction under control. Combining the latest principles from neuroscience with proven techniques from yoga and mindfulness, BRIGHTLIFE will put you back in control in less than an hour a day.

BrightLife for Teens and Young Adults

Our young people today are being asked to navigate a world that is more distracted, hectic, and demanding than ever before. Even worse, few are being taught the skills to live happy, healthy, and stress free. BrightLife for Teens & Young Adults teaches the critical skills needed to create a life of joy and meaning--from the inside out.

BrightLife for Chronic Stress

A ten-week, curriculum-driven program that has helped over 5,000 troops and veterans heal from debilitating cases of stress, including post-traumatic stress. This first-of-its-kind program was designed specifically to help heal military-related stress conditions but is now in use by people from all walks of life.

BrightLife for Chronic Pain

Millions of people all around the world suffer from chronic pain, yet few know that there are simple practices and techniques that can dramatically effect their pain and wellness levels without pharmaceuticals or other invasive means. BrightLife for Chronic Pain empowers people to navigate chronic pain conditions with more ease, joy, and happiness.

BrightLife Meditation

While commonly thought of as one practice, meditation is actually a vast array of techniques designed to quiet and focus the mind in a way that yields a range of life-changing benefits. This unique six-week series de-mystifies the practice and arms participants with practical techniques to help harness the power of meditation for success in work, relationships, health, and happiness.


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